08/04/2014 06:55 BST | Updated 08/04/2014 07:59 BST

Yowie: Australia's Bigfoot 'Caught On Camera' (VIDEO)

Grainy, blurred footage of Australia’s supposed version of Bigfoot has been published online.

Something – which Jason Heal and Jason Dunn claim is the mythical Yowie – was filmed rustling through the undergrowth in South Queensland on March 29.

The pair – who describe themselves as “Yowie Searchers” says this is definitive proof of the beast – which according to lore lives in the Australian wilderness.

This is conclusive proof of the Yowie, claim Jason Heal and Jason Dunn

Text added to the footage reads: “A Yowie is caught on Leechman’s tree cam. What you are about to see is REAL. Watch this Yowie sway side-to-side as it checks out the apples in front of it.

“Take notice of its eyes shining brightly taking no attention of the tree cam.”

Heal and Dunn have been searching for the hominid, whose roots are in Aboriginal mythology since July 2012 and hope to travel to the US to track down the equally elusive Sasquatch.

According to literature on their YouTube account the pair have: “Heard growling, rocks thrown, tree branches snapped, strange smells, felt as if we are being watched. Seen many footprints, felt like we were being followed walking out in the middle of nowhere late at night.”

The clip has also been picked up by Cryptozoology News, which suggests the animal “resembles a sloth” but points out sloths are not native to any region of Australia and are illegal to keep as pets.

It adds: “The possibility of the video showing a big unidentified ape remains open.”

The website also cites a particularly harrowing incident from 1976 in which one New South Wales woman told of seeing a Yowie attempting to crush her pet dog.


Thelma Crewe recounted: “The hair seemed to be very well groomed, and flowing like a girl’s would. The hair over all its body seemed to be pretty closely cropped except on the arms and over its shoulders. The hair was dark brown with a greyish tinge.”

The animal dropped the dog and ran away, she claimed.

The report adds hair samples were sent for analysis at Queensland University, but that the results were inconclusive.

A website called The Yowie File collates sightings and encounters with the creature, which it describes as “Australia’s most baffling zoological mystery.”