This Insane Save The Date Video With Helicopters Is Like Michael Bay Meets Don't Tell The Bride

An intimate, personalised wedding is clearly not on the cards for this couple, as seen in their completely over-the-top Save The Date video.

Helicopters? Why not. Smokey dance floor and Lady Marmalade outfits? Sure.

The bride and groom in question are Kim and Kanye West American high-profile attorneys Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz, say blog site Above The Law.

The video starts like a high-spec bad rap video, setting the scene with the groom.

But just as you expect 50 Cent or Neyo to pounce with a nifty hat, it follows him going into a nightclub, spying his honey dancing in the crowd.

Dubbed the 'Boss Wedding' (which has its own website by the way), it finishes by informing guests of more to come.

Bridezillas the world over will have nothing on this pair, even - dare we say it - groomzilla Sean Parker of Napster fame.

(H/T: Jezebel)