Meet The Guy Who Ran 135 Miles For 32 Hours Straight And Documented His Adventure (VIDEO)

WATCH: Meet The Guy Who Ran 135 Miles For 32 Hours Straight

Scorching weather. Running 32 hours 49 minutes 20 seconds. All alone with your trusty GoPro and trainers.

Meet 41-year-old Josh Spector, the guy who decided to challenge his mind and body by doing the ultramarathon (135 miles) in Brazil.

Talk about fitspiration.

In the video, Josh admits that he's probably addicted to running and if that he doesn't get his morning run, it messes up his day. He says he does it because he loves it and the social aspect of it, but doesn't necessarily think it's good for you.

Running or jogging are very favourable workout routines, however running without stopping for 32 hours does decrease its health benefits and it's "much more challenging mentally than physically, especially at night", Josh says in the video.

This definitely just goes to show that no matter what you're passionate about, you can achieve anything you set your mind (and in this case body) to.

Watch the video to experience his intense but wonderful journey and see what he had to say about it.

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