How To Make Your Kid's Room Stylish

How To Make Your Kid's Room Stylish

Congratulations, you’re finally an adult. You have a “grown-up home,” you own a set of wine glasses and your bed frame has a headboard. This is all lovely.

Then, you have a child (also lovely), except suddenly your home has become a shrine to plastic toys, garishly coloured princess tents and lashings of glue, glitter and paint cover almost every surface. And not just in your kid’s room…

Having a child doesn’t have to mean 18 years of decorating dilemmas – or having to sacrifice taste. Making your kid’s room chic and stylish just means accepting certain realities: delicate fabrics will rip, furniture will dent and you will accumulate more stuff than you ever anticipated. This means that every kid’s room needs to be rooted in practical design, with a focus on storage, multi-use furniture and fabrics and textiles that can withstand a little wear and tear. Room design for children also needs to be flexible, able to cater to more than one child (and often to children of different ages and genders).

Kid’s rooms also need to be places that inspire, where children can go on amazing adventures without leaving their (magic) carpets. Personal touches, from wall art to pops of colour to embellishments and trims can all reflect a child’s personality and tastes, without compromising the style of their parents.

In fact, modern furniture styles, funky prints and unusual wallpapers add a timeless finish that can take a child from infancy to their teenage years. And don’t be afraid to integrate bold colours (and think beyond pink and blue). If there’s one room that should be the brightest in the house, it’s your child’s. Check out our top tips and ideas on how to make your kid’s room stylish.

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