'Made In Chelsea' Introduces Two New Characters, Emma And Riley

Made In Chelsea’ might have only just kicked off its latest series, but producers are already keen to shake things up with the introduction of two brand new characters.

New girls Riley and Emma will be joining the regular cast in the next episode, and are set to make waves from the beginning - thanks to Emma’s relationship with Spencer Matthews.

The trailer for episode two shows Emma meeting the rest of the ‘MIC’ characters, including Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing, and saying to them: “There's, like, two girls in his life that have known him too well - Caggie Dunlop, and me.”

Meet Emma, who is bound to shake things up in 'MIC'

Emma is an international model who has worked for huge companies such as Levis and L’Oréal, and we think she’s definitely going to ruffle a few feathers, particularly with so many of Spencer’s exes kicking around SW3.

Meanwhile fans of the show are yet to get a glimpse of the other new girl, Riley, who's been described as a fun-loving party girl who “spent her teens partying in London”.

Her father is a successful CEO and her mother used to run her own headhunting firm, so it’s safe to say she’s from a wealthy background - which is hardly surprising, although it would be a brilliant twist if they suddenly brought in a chimney sweep to go to champagne bars with Mark Francis and Victoria.

If you can’t wait for the ‘Made In Chelsea’ drama to unfold, then you’re not alone. Emma Stone recently revealed herself as a fan of both ‘MIC’ and ‘TOWIE’ in an interview, and went on to do impressions of some of the shows’ most recognisable characters.

The drama continues on 'Made In Chelsea' this Monday, April 14 at 10pm on E4.

Watch the trailer for the episode, featuring Emma, below:

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