Stephen Colbert Replaces David Letterman: Here's A Reminder Of His Brilliance (VIDEO)

So Stephen Colbert is taking over from David Letterman as the host of 'The Late Show'. And we, for one*, could not be happier.

This news may not mean too much to British people, we admit. (Not least because you can't currently watch Colbert's show on UK television. Damn you, American cousins!) But allow us to make an introduction to his work - or remind Colbert fans of one of his finest moments - with the video above.

In 2006, Colbert performed the traditional comedy speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. The incumbent president was George Bush; and Colbert - being a liberal acting as a conservative - proved to be so adept at skewing him and his presidency that several of his aides walked out during the speech. And to say that Bush looked confused-slash-uncomfortable during the whole thing is something of an understatement.

From his opening plea "Somebody shoot me in the face!" to his audition tape for the job of Press Secretary, click play above to enjoy Colbert in all his glory.

*Yes, we're the royal 'we'