Andrew Garfield Gets All Huffy When Asked About His Girlfriend Emma Stone At 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' UK Premiere (VIDEO)

Errrm, note to 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' star Andrew Garfield: the whole world knows you are in a relationship with your co-star Emma Stone, so why are you getting your Spidey pants in a twist about it?

The Brit actor got all shirty with a reporter on the red carpet of the UK premiere of the new Spiderman movie in London's Leicester Square on Thursday night, when he accused the interviewer of 'making an assumption' about his private life.

"Who's my girlfriend?' he asked. "You're making an assumption about my personal life and my personal life is not public property."

Ooooooh, get her.

Well, Andrew, considering you've both gone on record to gush about each other in the past and barely leave each other's side both on - and off - screen, we - and the rest of the planet have also jumped to the same conclusion, so there.

Watch Andy get all huffy and puffy in the video above...

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