11/04/2014 08:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Beyonce's Bikini Instagram Picture Sparks Thigh Gap Debate

Beyonce has been accused of photoshopping a "thigh gap" into a bikini picture she posted on Instagram on Thursday.

The songstress shared a candid shot of herself playing golf in a stripy swimsuit while on holiday with husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy in the Dominican Republic, and has been hit by a wave of criticism from her fans.

"Oh dear Beyonce," one wrote on the photo sharing site. "Your not very good at photoshopping are you?"

One fan wrote on Twitter: "Really @Beyonce? we all love your thick thighs. NO reason to photoshop a thigh gap in there..." With another noting: "With her money, Beyonce should be able to pay someone who is better at Photoshop."

"LOL Beyonce, the modern day feminist - and #1 self love advocate, photoshopping herself a thigh gap," said another.

And: "I have lost every ounce of respect for Beyonce over this thigh gap story. She is disgraceful!!!"

However, some were quick to jump to the star's defence, reminding the haters that Beyonce had taken on a strict vegan diet during her Mrs Carter world tour, which may have led to her shedding the pounds.

Bey isn't the only celeb who's been accused of photoshopping pictures of themselves. Recently, Kim Kardashian came under fire when she posted a pic of herself on Instagram showing off her rear end.

Photoshop experts were called in to cast judgement and decide whether KK had actually enhanced her butt. According to them, Kimmy had inflated her bottom... Shocking! *Rolls eyes*.

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