11/04/2014 08:00 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is This Kanye West's Adidas Shoe Collection?

Kanye West for adidas is a collaboration we've been pretty excited about. However, this first look at the shoes designed by the man who brought "the leather jogging pants to Fendi!!" has left us feeling a little flat.

On Thursday menswear site Four Pins tweeted a photo of some cream coloured shoes with the caption: "Here's your first (rumoured) look at Kanye West x Adidas." And if this is what we've got to look forward to when the collection drops in June, then all we have to say is, "boo hiss"!

And we're not the only ones who aren't fans of the grandpa-like footwear. Huffington Post Pop Culture Editor Brennan Williams referred to as: "#GeneralHospitalSwag," with the site reporting that: "the swishy-looking footwear instantly reminded us of our grandmothers' orthopedic walking shoes. But even those had more flair than these flats."

The leak comes as Jay Z apparently turns down Kanye's offer to be best man at his and Kim Kardashian's wedding. #Awkies.

"Of course, Kanye asked Jay to be his best man at the wedding. But Jay politely declined the request," a source told Life & Style.

"Jay just didn't want to be associated with the Kardashian reality show. Kanye told Jay he understands why he would decline, but he's still very hurt."

MORE! Looks like it's bad times all round for Kanye West who is also reportedly jealous of Pharrell Williams. And it's more than just Pharrell's fashion sense...