Rabbit Pizza: Hell Pizza Promotes Easter On Billboard Nailed With Hundreds Of Animal Pelts (PICTURE)

Following the revelation a Merseyside butcher has produced Scotch Crème Eggs for his Easter fayre, we bring you news of the Rabbit Pizza.

The product of New Zealand’s Hell Pizza, the Rabbit Pizza, is, as you might expect, made from real rabbit.

As is the billboard the firm is advertising it on.

Does what it says on the tin

Yup – There must be some hundred or so rabbit pelts nailed to that thing.

“For those who are concerned, we sourced these rabbit skins via a professional animal tanning company, who in turn sourced them from local meat-processing companies where the skins are a regular by-product.”

But PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhech tells HuffPost UK: "Hell Pizza may be in trouble for more than the skinned rabbits rotting on its unappetising billboard, because contrary to its claims, there is nothing 'ethical' about how the rabbits were slaughtered.

"Were the once-lively little animals who were ground into pizza toppings shot, strangled or snared? Were they gassed, or did they have their spines pulled away from their necks?

"Those are the common ways in which rabbits are killed by people who sell a bit of tat for gloves and collars – and now, if anyone other than the village bully is buying, to go on pizza. As for the name, 'Hell' sounds about right, because it's what the rabbits likely experienced before they were made part of this tacky PR stunt."

Hell Pizza is no stranger to the headlines – back in 2012 it came up with Pizza Roulette – a pie with one mystery slice doused with the “hottest chilli known to mankind”.

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