8 Reasons You're In The Right Job, Right Now

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If the daily grind is getting you down, scouring job recruitment sites or reaching for the jobs section of the newspaper might seem like the obvious solution.

But before you burn your bridges and sign yourself up for a new job with the same old problems, it might be worth asking yourself this: Is the next job really going to be any different?

Sure, you might be getting away from your ogre of a boss and the insurmountable workload but do you know what your new boss is really like and what hours they will expect you to work?

More importantly, is your current job really as bad as you perceive it to be – and how much power do you have to change it?

In our fast-paced, technology-driven work culture, the idea of a ‘job for life’ seems as outmoded and antiquated as the long-service carriage clock.

In fact, recent research by recruitment firm, Monster, reveals that nearly half (46%) of Brits think of their current job as nothing more than a stop gap. But while employers are more likely to look for proven results, diverse skill-sets and adaptability over loyalty when recruiting staff, experts suggest you should never underestimate the power of dedication and tenacity.

The ability to stick at a job and transform it from one you don’t like to one that works for you, will not only impress future employers and ultimately set you on the road to success, it will also give your own sense of fulfilment and achievement a boost.

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