Dealing With Difficult Colleagues: The REAL Reasons Your Co-Worker Blanks You

mediaphotos via Getty Images

Most of us spend more time with out co-workers than with our partners, kids and friends—and as office hours continue to creep up, it’s no surprise that the odd bit of colleague friction arises every now and again. If Big Brother has taught us anything, it’s that putting a group of strangers in a confined space will inevitably result in personality clashes and generous dose of drama.

Negotiating satisfactory relationships with your co-workers is a tricky business, and resentments can easily snowball to the point where day-to-day life in the office is unbearable. While it’s easy to identify why a colleague gets on your nerves—whether it’s tactically cc’ing your boss in every email, playing their music at ear-splitting volumes or incessantly playing on their phone in meetings—it can be hurtful when you realise that a fellow colleague harbours resentment towards you. Especially when you don’t know why.

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How we feel at work has a direct impact on our wellbeing, so instead of bottling up your work anxiety, if a colleague has a problem with you, it is often best to confront the issue head-on so that you can work out a way forward together. If you’re struggling with a difficult colleague, executive coach and careers counsellor Kathy Caprino recommends it is best to get to the bottom of your beef with them and theirs with you as quickly as possible. But before you do, it might be helpful to look in the mirror. We've identified the seven biggest reasons behind discordant co-worker relations. Identifying and address them today and it will make your workday a lot easier tomorrow.