Kelly Brook Shares Instagram Photo Without Engagement Ring Following Alleged Bust Up With Fiancé David McIntosh


Kelly Brook might have only been engaged for less than a month, but it sounds like her relationship with David McIntosh may already be on the rocks.

Reports are claiming that Kelly and David have been heard having a number of furious public rows, prompting some to think it won’t be long before the couple call it quits.

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh

A neighbour - who lives near the pair in West Hollywood - told new! magazine: “There have been three separate occasions where they've been seen and heard having huge rows in public.

“Kelly was yelling at him like he was a child or a puppy that needed discipline.”

Since this story surfaced, Kelly has fueled the rumours her days with David could be numbered, as she has shared this photo with her Instagram follows on Tuesday where she mysteriously isn’t wearing her engagement ring.

Forgotten something, Kelly?

Let’s try not to jump to conclusions, it could well be that she just took off to paint her shed or she lost the ring down the sofa cushions - but given what a prominent position she’s given her left hand in the pic it certainly does look like she’s sending out a clear message…

This is yet another blow for Kelly and David, who have taken their fair share of knocks over their relatively short relationship.

Over the weekend an ex-girlfriend of the former ‘Gladiators’ star branded him a serial love cheat, and warned Kelly that she didn’t know “the real David”.

Meanwhile former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Chantelle Houghton has criticised the pair for getting engaged so quickly, writing in her magazine column that Kelly “needs her head read”.

Kelly recently defended her decision to get engaged to David on Twitter, hitting out at a fan who tried to warn her she was doing the wrong thing by marrying him.

Kelly Brook

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