Peta UK's Sexiest Vegans Of 2014 Are Jenna McGuinness & Gareth Lloyd (PICTURES)

Taking the crowns this year are Jenna McGuinness and Gareth Lloyd.

McGuinness stopped eating meat at the age of five after watching the film Babe and ditched all animal products nine months ago.

Jenna McGuinness and Gareth Lloyd are Peta UK's sexiest vegans of 2014

Now 23, she explained: "My mum found it easy changing all of our diets, as she grew up next to a slaughterhouse so didn't feel comfortable eating meat anyway.”

But it’s not all rice cakes and fresh air, with McGuinness insisting: "I'm happy with a bowl of mango, strawberries and figs, but if I want comfort food, I go with salt and chilli tofu and broccoli stir-fried with garlic.”

Fair enough. And in the blue corner you’ll find Gareth Lloyd.

Gareth Oxford, Oxfordshire

Peta's sexiest vegans 2014

Lloyd became vegan last April and raises awareness of the plight of endangered lions and elephants through his artwork.

He said: "The sheer number of animals suffering for our stomachs is far greater than any other cause I've supported, and as such, I feel it deserves the most urgent attention.

"Seeing the violence humans inflict upon each other is yet another reason I've chosen to live as peacefully as I can by being vegan.”

The lucky pair will celebrate with a night for two and a lunch at a vegetarian country house hotel in Cumbria, plus a vegan dinner for two.

"On average, vegans are healthier and have more energy than meat-eaters do – and that makes them sexier, too", says Peta UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi.

"Congratulations to our two winners. But in our book, all the entrants are winners. They are enjoying all the health benefits of vegan food while living compassionately every day."

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