Top 6 Part-Time Student Jobs Near You

skynesher via Getty Images

In today's economy - with higher tuition fees, rising rent prices and energy bills - student jobs are a must and a good pay is paramount.

However, some jobs are more enticing than others. There must be something more exciting than flyering to make ends meet? Moreover, depending on your location, we're looking at you Scotland, you may want a job that doesn't entail a constant state of mild hypothermia.

Here are six interesting jobs that will allow you to make some money while remaining in a comfortable environment:

1. Promotion

By promotion we do not mean flyering, but rather promoting recruitment companies and internships with prestigious banks, law firms, etc. There are many ways to go about it, for example, companies like On Campus Promotions will recruit you to be an ambassador for various brands on campus, or you can directly work for a company, such as Hogan Lovells, which hires first years to promote their internships in various universities.

2. Mystery Shoppers

Be paid, and have all expenses paid, to go shopping, drinking in bars and enjoy nice meals as a mystery shopper for companies such as Market Force. The salary, £5, is not astounding but you do get free meals and nights out to judge customer service in various establishments.

3. Tutoring

Offer your services and choose your own rate, some students ask up to £15 an hour for a language or math lesson. Other perks include working indoors, choosing your own hours and the lack of physical strain.

4. Translator

Again this is freelance and the pay is not bad, about £11 per hour. You can work on your own time, take on as much work as you want and be in the comfort of your home. This is particularly good for Modern Languages students and people fluent in foreign languages. However mastering the language is paramount.

5. Extra

Simply go on and become an extra on a film or series set. You will get paid about £80 per day to do very little work and feel a tad glamorous.

6. Work for your university

Certain jobs, such as calling university alumni for donations, pay relatively well, about £8 per hour, and the working hours are quite flexible. Moreover, the odds are you can probably fit your work hours around your class times so you can just pop by after studying without going through a lengthy commute.