15 Pictures Of Albert Einstein Looking Like The Brainiest Badass Ever

15 Pictures Of Albert Einstein Looking Like The Brainiest Badass Ever

If there was ever a scientist who captured mainstream appeal it was physicist Albert Einstein, one of the most creative intellects in history, who died on this day in 1955.

Born in Germany in 1879, Einstein went on to develop the general theory of relativity - not a bad claim to fame.

He later moved to America where he died. But it was his eccentric image and wild hairdo which helped cement Einstein's place in history.

Over the years many facts about the famous physicist have come to light, including some that are pretty surprising. Consider these 10:

When Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, the back of his head was reportedly so huge that his family worried something was wrong with him. But within the first few weeks, the shape of his head became more normal-looking.

He was also slow to talk. Some say he didn't start speaking until age four. And wearing socks wasn't Einstein's thing. In a letter he wrote that he "got away without wearing socks" at the University of Oxford. The world-renowned genius eventually became known for his unkempt appearance -- though more attention was focused on his hair than on his feet.

Prior to his death from a burst blood vessel, Einstein apparently told doctors (who wanted to operate on him) that prolonging life artificially was "tasteless".

In honour of the great man, here's 15 pictures of him looking incredibly clever.


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