3D-Printed 'Pod' Houses Could Solve Our Housing Shortage (If You Don't Mind Confined Spaces)

Could This Solve The Housing Crisis?

If you hadn't already noticed there's a bit of a housing crisis at the moment - UK houses are expensive, tiny and rarely where you wished they were.

A group of students from 3M future Lab, led by Professor and architect Peter Ebner, think they have cracked this.

The solution? Tiny 3D-printed 'pod' houses.

Each has 50 square feet of living space including a 'mezzanine' bed, bathroom, kitchen and a folding toilet. The makers envisage them being placed practically anywhere, on streets, next to lakes or even on mountains.

Entry and exit to the pods is by a small door and a top level serves as a bed next to a small round window. A projector is also included turing into your own private mini theatre.

Every feature, even the mattress is 3D-printed.

If you like the look of them then tough - they won't be coming to the market but are instead being used as an example of what is possible with advances in technology and the demands placed upon the housing market.

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