'Destiny' Gameplay Footage, Screenshots, Release Date: Does The 'New Halo' Justify Its 'Game Of The Year' Hype?


'Destiny' has been the subject of more hype than pretty much any other game on the slate for release in 2014. But where the other contenders - Titanfall, and Watch Dogs - were hyped mainly by gameplay videos, Destiny has kept its cards close to its chest, preferring to tease us with 'making of' documentaries, concept art and hyperbolic press conferences instead of actual gameplay.

Well now we've seen it. And... well, it looks fine.

The first true gameplay video of Bungie's upcoming alien world-straddling multiplayer FPS has been released, along with a clutch of screenshots. But while the action on show is undoubtedly graphically stunning, and action-packed, it's arguably a little tough at this stage to tell what's so new or different about the game itself.

We suggest you take a look, though - it's clear this is going to be one huge, beautiful game. And we'd expect more details on just what sets it apart to come at E3 and Gamescom before its release in September. Until then whet your appetite with this clip and the screenshots below.

Destiny will be released on Xbox One/360 and PS4/PS3 on 9 September 2014.

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