'Made In Chelsea' Review: Binky Felstead Forced To Split With Alex Lytton After Bad Behaviour

MADE IN CHELSEA: How Did Alex End Up Dumping Binky?!

'Made in Chelsea' proved another one of life's great truths last night - that boys, however spineless they are and whatever nonsense they get up to, somehow always end making it the girl's fault.

It was Alex Lytton who demonstrated this on the most recent episode of the show, telling a tearful Binky that he didn't think they should be together - even though it was him who'd done the naughties.

How did Binky end up having to have this conversation? Because she's a girl...

And he did that classic thing that the most cowardly of the male species have made their speciality - not end the relationship himself, but force weepy Binky's hand into eventually kicking him to the kerb.

Following last weeek's hoopla when Binky's friend Cheska told her the rumours of Alex and another woman were true, Binky disappeared to New York for a few days to clear her head. But, by the time she returned, Alex had changed tune and, while remaining contrite, questioned whether they should be together.

"There's no excuse for it. There's nothing I can say that'll make it OK," he told her, before adding, hand on heart, "I'm struggling to make sense of it. I ultimately want the best for you..." so that's all right, then.

Alex was unhappy, but unsure... and very inadequate

"I know I do love you, but deep down, the best thing is... I don't know. The best thing for you is not to be with me.." Etc etc.

Eventually, even battered Binky had had enough of this nonsense and, in a first for 'Made in Chelsea', didn't hang on to damaged goods.

She told him, "You f**ked someone else and now you're dumping me! You f**ked me over. You're completely f**ing me over.

Is this the best week for Binky's new makeup range to be launched?

"'You're a coward. You're completely broken my heart. You're just gonna dump me and say fine... You're a f**king coward. I can't believe I thought that you loved me so much... get your sh*t and go."

And that was that, in admirably undrawn out fashion.

Binky wasn't the only lady on the show making her feelings felt about the treatment she's been offered.

Spencer Matthews was on his best behaviour at Rosie Fortescue's ball, escorting Emma Miller in a fragile-looking dress ("Yves St Laurent" as he told everyone, putting his hours at London Fashion Week to good use), when even he was caught out by the unexpected entrance of... his former squeeze, Stephanie Pratt, on a trip to London to fulfil her contract/s> stay with her good friend Lucy Watson.

Stephanie Pratt was also making her feelings known

"Hey a**hole!" was her opening gambit. Then, "You're such a piece of s**t.

""I made it this far in my life without being cheated on."

Eventually, Spencer had the grace to concede that PERHAPS he had been "emotionally immature".

Even Spencer was unprepared for the onslaught he received

Girl power alive and kicking in SW3. What next? Oh, a holiday for everyone to Venice. That'll show those boys they can't mess. Sort of...

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