Eight Strategies For Success Without Losing Your Mind

Greg Wehmeyer via Getty Images

The boss of a big company, a respected artist, a medical researcher, a parent to happy children - whatever form success takes for you it's likely to require work and a hefty dose of determination.

That's because we often value our achievements more highly when they're harder to obtain.

Behavioural economist Dan Ariely created an origami test which backs that theory up. Origami novices were asked to create a paper form following instructions and were asked, along with some bystanders, how much they would pay for it. In a second group, the instructions for the form were hidden from some of the participants.

The origami novices were willing to pay more for the shape than the bystanders, but not as much as the people who had built the project without instructions. The idea here is that we value the results of work we know was difficult far more highly than we do easy tasks.

With that in mind, our biggest personal successes might well be the ones which cause us the most stress, or cost the most in terms of personal effort. In order to help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed on your path to success we've created a set of tips to help you out when the going gets tough...

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