Why Are Students So Obsessed With Brunch?

Gone are the days of students lounging in a dark room, watching the OC on catch up, clutching a bowl of Weetabix and sipping on flat coke left over from last night's pre-drinks.

Now it's all about brunch. Following in the footsteps of the Made in Chelsea crew, whose cast members only ever seem to be hahving cocktails at elevenses, dahling, we're now dressing up and popping out for a mid-morning meal.

Whether you're nipping down to the local cafe for a greasy fry up, or you can afford to dine on fluffy American pancakes, tomahto juice and eggs benedict in a trendy brunch parlour, everything has to be posted on Instagram.

As part of their "Generation whY!?," series, Elite Daily dissects this newest trend, championed by celebs, students and wannabes alike. Why not break the trend, and try make your own? We've included our top brunch recipes so you don't even have to get out of your jammies.

Ham And Cheese Waffles

Summer Brunch Recipes

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