01/05/2014 15:04 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Booty-Shaking Mum Gets A Bit Too Lost In The Rhythm (Video)

A boogie-loving mum was left red-faced after she ended up walloping her bottom straight into her unsuspecting toddler.

Summer Knowlden, a recreational therapist when not moonlighting as a hip-hop star, had seen a post on Instagram offering a $250 (£148) prize for the mum who uploaded the best video of herself dancing, in honour of Mother's Day (which takes places on May 11 in the US).

Apprehensive about putting her moves online, she asked her husband to film her while she rehearsed. With the camera rolling, she starts throwing shapes to rapper T.I's hip-hop anthem 'Bring 'Em Out'.

But Summer hadn't counted on her curious little girl, 18-month-old Tenley, who wanted to see what on earth Mum was up to.

While mum obliviously shakes her thang, Tenley wanders into the frame - only to take a booty bump to the face and go flying over backwards.

Summer and husband J.D can't help but shriek with laughter as the little girl lies on the carpet, unharmed but adorably wide-eyed. "She didn't even cry," Summer added on YouTube. Which is more than most of us who've witnessed our parents trying to dance can say.

Summer told viral video channel Storyful: "My daughter wanted in on the action and that's when the 'booty bump' happened. We often dance around the house when we're home together."

The Utah-based mum may have missed out on her online competition, but she has met with far more success on YouTube since uploading the hilarious blooper. In two days, the video has already garnered 50,000 views.

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