02/05/2014 07:09 BST | Updated 02/05/2014 08:59 BST

'Britain's Most Violent Gangster' Domenyk Noonan Speaks At Birmingham City University

Domenyk Noonan

A reformed criminal, recently dubbed 'Britain's most violent gangster', who reportedly sung lullabies to police killer Dale Creegan delivered a talk to university students on his life of crime, and hopes to tour universities.

Domenyk Noonan, who was recently released from a nine year prison stint, spoke to criminology students at Birmingham City University on how gangland killings operate, and apparently, he went down a storm.

"He spoke to the students about his experiences of 30 years in prison," his minder Cody told HuffPost UK. "It helped them understand why people commit crime and let Domenyk give something back to the community.

"He went down an absolute storm."

Noonan speaking to students at Birmingham City University

Noonan is now reformed after spending 27 Christmases in prison, and runs a security company, as well as helping out the charity who supported him while he was inside. "I told the students how gangland killings operate," Noonan tells us. "Why people rob security banks, and my life growing up.

"They asked me lots of questions, there was such a wide range of people there. They asked me if I would turn the clock back if I had the chance."

Noonan quashed rumours the university had paid him to appear, saying they reimbursed his expenses and paid for breakfast, "Everything I did was for the community," he adds.

Professor David Wilson, who leads the BCU's criminology course, told the Birmingham Mail: "The students have to analyse texts which relate to crime, one of those is the documentary A Very British Gangster.

"It was filmed by Donal MacIntyre, who is a visiting professor here, who said he’d be able to get Domenyk Noonan to speak.

"We thought it was a good idea to see the person who is at the heart of the documentary in order to help them analyse it."

According to a blog dedicated to Noonan, he headed a criminal organisation in Manchester during the 80s and 90s.

"Becoming involved in the hijacking of armoured security vans in his early career, his arrest record includes charges of torture, kidnapping and narcotics," the blog reads. "Although he presently runs a security company, authorities believe Noonan continues hijacking and armed robbery with members of the Noonan crime family."

According to the Mirror,, while in the maximum security wing of Strangeways prison in Manchester, Noonan serenaded Cregan, who was sentenced to life for killing to police officers, with Irish ballads and rebel songs. However this is something Noonan denies, saying he was never in the prison to start with.

Noonan, who has legally changed his name to Lattlay Fottfoy, an acronym of the family motto "Look after those that look after you, fuck off those that fuck off you", was the star of the all-access film A Very British Gangster. The film followed Noonan from trial to trial, and gave a rare glimpse inside one of Britain's most dangerous crime families.

Noonan is now planning a university "lecture tour", but says it will all depend on his health.