Instagram #Shelfie Trend Is The Ultimate Way To Show Off Your Interior Design Skills

Jill Ferry Photography via Getty Images

Have you heard? Pouting and hands-on-hip poses are soooo last season, now there's a new selfie on the block - and it's called the #shelfie.

As you've probably worked out, a shelfie is a photograph of a shelf in your home - be it a snap of your colour co-ordinated bookshelf or a minimalist bedside table.

While it might sound bizarre, the results are a beautiful and eclectic mix of tummy-tingling property porn and you'd be mad to miss it.

For stylish home makers, this is the ultimate way to show off your interior design skills. But for the (ahem) less aesthetically inclined, you could say this is another way to feel inadequate.

As if it isn't harrowing enough to arrive at your BFF's house only to be confronted by their new cashmere throw and one-of-a-kind gems from an exotic flea market - now you've got to keep up with the Jones's residence on Instagram as well. *Groans*

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