07/05/2014 04:34 BST | Updated 07/05/2014 04:59 BST

21 Things Which Make You A Nottingham University Student

Being a student at the University of Nottingham is the best.

Being at one of the top ranking universities in the world certainly has its advantages: the students are clever and the campus is very pretty.

Nottingham might well be as north as you are willing to go and you’re still worried about those Shottingham rumours, but that’s ok duck! Home to Robin Hood and his merrymen, the oldest pub in Britain and Batman’s house, there’s a wealth of culture that you can completely ignore as a student.

As a student at the prestigious Uni of (“No I most certainly do not go to Trent!”), you are automatically given a superiority complex over our city-centre rivals. This in turn extends to the least popular halls of residence and your Northern friends as you are most likely from Surrey and want to be in Cripps. No matter what, as a student at Nottingham you know you are pretty special (but not special enough for Oxbridge).

In years to come, once we eventually graduate, we will all remember with nostalgia the stickiness of the Ocean carpet, the sleazy behavior of the Crisis balcony and the ‘classy’ nights we had in Cocotang. All whilst trying to forget the sweat box that is Hallward and the fight to get on the 34 outside Sainsbury’s. Life at Nottingham isn’t always as perfect as the prospectus makes out.

Here we bring you 21 reasons you know you’re a Nottingham student: whether you’ve witnessed it, moaned about it or simply wondered why?

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