07/05/2014 12:25 BST | Updated 07/05/2014 12:59 BST

Kerry Katona Discusses Birth Of Her Baby Daughter During Emotional 'This Morning' Interview

Kerry Katona has spoken in detail about the difficult birth of her daughter last month.

Her fiancé George Kay broke the news in April that the star had given birth to a baby girl, the couple’s first child and Kerry’s fifth overall.

However she later admitted on her Twitter page that she’d been kept in hospital following what she described as a “traumatic” labour, going on to say in an interview with OK! magazine that she was worried she was going to lose her baby.

Kerry Katona and George Kay show off their newborn baby on 'This Morning'

Kerry and George showed off their baby, Dylan-Jorge - or DJ Rose for short - during an appearance on ‘This Morning’ on Wednesday, where she revealed that things were going well when she went into labour until she was administered an epidural.

In her emotional interview, Kerry said: “I had a brilliant, brilliant pregnancy, really good.

"I started contracting on the Thursday evening and was really excited... my waters went, had fun with the gas and air... it was really bonding for us both - and then I decided to have an epidural and, you're gonna think I am really weird, but I had some kind of out of body experience.”

She then tearfully explained that once she was given her minutes-old baby to hold, she realised something was wrong, saying: "They put her on my chest and something just didn't feel right.

“So a crash team came in and took her off and she completely died, everything had stopped.

"A crash team had come in for Dylan and the next thing you know a crash team comes in for me. George is leaning over me and I've gone into complete shock. And I just kept saying: "I'm so sorry, it's not supposed to be like this."

Kerry Katona and George Kay

Although both Kerry and baby Dylan-Jorge were later discharged, and photographed looking well as they left hospital, the star admitted she still wasn’t sure exactly what went wrong during her labour, explaining: “They had 101 reasons what could have happened… she came out so fast that she reverted to how she was in the womb, living off the placenta… they put her on a life support machine.”

Since leaving hospital, Kerry has tweeted her thanks to fans for their support, as well as publicly praising fiancé George for helping her through the troubling experience.

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