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Family Friendly Summer Festivals

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Where else can you experience those unique spine-tingling magical moments but at a summer festival and this year there is a bumper crop of family-friendly shin-digs to choose. Taking the family to a festival is a unique experience: fun, exciting and memorable and sometimes exhausting, hard work and expensive – but one thing you can guarantee about a festival weekend is that you won't be bored!

Festival tips
Before you embark on your weekend of festival fun, brief the kids on what to expect.

Music festivals are busy, colourful, noisy events and the under fives will need to be kept close by at all times. In fact it's the slightly older age-group that are most likely to stray and get lost.

Don't rely on mobile phones as batteries run out of power and the signal is often weak at music festivals.

Dress your kids in bright clothing, make regular meeting points throughout the day and relax and soak up the vibe rather than marching from place to place, act to act.

Festivals are as much about the atmosphere, experience and meeting friendly faces as the large acts.

Abandon routine and just go with the flow for the weekend: let the kids sleep when they're tired and eat when they're hungry.

Watch the toilets and warn kids to be careful with the doors. Last year my two year old got his hand stuck in a portaloo door. He survived but it gave him a nasty shock!

Back at camp erect a flag, hang up a balloon or something bright to distinguish your tent from the masses.

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What to pack?

Pack as light as possible. Remember you will have to carry it all, probably across the equivalent of four fields, often with hills, in extreme weather conditions with children in tow.

Even though festivals say there are wheelbarrows available I've never found one!

• Camping gear: tent, mats, sleeping bags
• Warm blankets - it can get very cold at night
• Kiddie transport: buggie, trailer, (with a rain cover)
• Hats and suncream
• Waterproofs - wellies, jackets and trousers
• Wet wipes and loo roll
• Antibacterial hand gel
• Plastic-backed picnic blanket to sit on
• Travel potty - for midnight wees
• Torch
• Cash
• Battery booster for phone
• Kids wrist bands to write emergency phone number

For more information on 2011 festivals, check out AOL Music here.

Here's our pick of the top family friendly festivals.

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