UFO Attacks Taliban Camp: Footage Shows Triangular Craft Hovering In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

'UFO' Attacks Taliban Camp = Aliens Join Fight Against Terror (VIDEO)

Footage purporting to show an unidentified flying object attacking a Taliban camp has been made available online.

It was published to YouTube on 5 May and was apparently filmed in the Asadabad district of Afghanistan by US Marines.

It shows a triangular-shaped craft hovering in the distance before emitting a series of flashing lights, apparently prompting an explosion beneath it.

Before the storm: The craft hovers over what is purported to be Taliban stronghold

One of the Marines behind the camera can be heard exclaiming: “What the fuck was that?” as the dust settles.

As reassuring as it is to suppose the little green men have decided to join us in fighting terror, we’re inclined to suspect the film simply shows a drone in action.

The camp - and the UFO - are no more after the series of explosions

As do the majority of the comments left on the clip, with Eddie Allen going as far as to suggest it is specifically a UAV X-47B – also noted for its triangular shape.

But being that there’s no official identification of the craft, for now it can just remain a good old fashioned UFO.


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