Model Erin Wasson Is Body Shamed For Being A 'Skeleton' After Posting This Pic On Instagram

Body shaming comes in all shapes - not just a plus size. Proof of this are the comments that followed a picture posted by model Erin Wasson, which, had they been aimed at a larger person, would have been derided as being bigoted.

Comments included “so skinny” and “Ribs ... eat a little!”, which seem to have now been removed. There is still a comment on there which says: "Love her back? She's a skeleton!"

The 32-year-old model, who has frequently come under fire for her weight, has previously said she has always been slim: "“I think, more than anything at this point in my career, my responsibility is to stay strong — mind, body and soul ... I’ve always been an athletic person, I’ve been blessed with good genes from my mum and dad and I’m going to ride that genetic wave for as long as I can.”

By her own admission, Erin has said that she was bullied for being flat-chested and skinny, yet clearly both users and media outlets are making negative comments about her frame. Is this not a form of bullying, we must ask ourselves. Commentary on a person's physical appearance to such an extreme and negative level sure isn't acceptable no matter how big or small that person may be.

"The fact that I was deeply anorexic and that she was overweight is irrelevant. She was drawing attention to my size in a way that would have been unacceptable had I done the same to her."

Emma raises a very good point about skinny shaming, in that it appears to be difficult to have a conversation without it descending into backbiting. She added: "t seems we can't have a rational debate about the reasons for, and the experience of, obesity – fat is still a feminist issue, and a fraught one at that. But I'm fed up with being judged for being physically disciplined, for watching what I eat, and for exercising five times a week."

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