13/05/2014 14:28 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Six-Year-Old Yo-Yo Master. See This Amazing Video

A six-year-old whiz kid is wowing the Internet after a video of his incredible yo-yo skills went viral.

Kazuya Murata, better known in professional circles as Yo-Yo Baby, may be only six years old, but he has already mastered moves that would put your clumsy attempt at 'walking the dog' to shame.

In this video, recorded at the Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships, the gifted young performer shows off an array of tricks.

In fact, Murata's hands move so fast and his tricks are so complex that some YouTube viewers even accused the video of being a fake - maybe a clever viral ad for something - but Murata is no phony. The youngster was representing Japan in the contest, which welcomes competitors from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

Amazingly, Murata was competing in the championship's highest division, alongside seasoned adult competitors from countries including China, Indonesia and Australia.

He finished ninth overall, seven places below his mentor, 19-year-old Singaporean Christopher Chia, with whom he is often pictured on Instagram.

The video was recorded at last year's contest and originally got little attention from anyone besides yo-yo hobbyists, but the clip has gone viral after Reddit users rediscovered it, with poster Silverhold calling Murata 'the definition of a child prodigy'.

Other users agreed, praising his 'amazing talent' and predicting a future appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, traditionally the first TV stop for internet sensations.

One user however, seemed slightly unnerved by the youngster's talent, commenting: "I have a seven-year-old who can't tie his shoes yet."