Beard Transplants To Create Facial Hair Worthy Of Conchita Wurst Are On the Increase

Here's The Answer To Beard Heaven If You Can't Grow A Conchita Wurst

In the same manner that women flocked to hair salons asking for 'the Rachel' during the Friends heyday, will men be asking their beard surgeons for a Conchita Wurst? (You have to admit, as beards go, it's pretty immaculate).

Maybe not, but in any case, the number of men unable to grow even, lush face fuzz have decided to opt for a transplant. In fact it's becoming so popular, that hair transplant surgeon Edward Ball says numbers have doubled.

Beard transplants are an extremely tricky surgery as each hair has to be placed with utmost care. Dr Ball advises that the best hair is taken from underneath the chin so that scarring is almost invisible.

Jamie Binns, a patient in the video, says that if he can afford it, he doesn't see why he can't make his beard look sharper.

Still, it's not a procedure to take lightly. Costing around £4,000, surgery can take up to eight hours. Hairs are then planted into the face through tiny incisions on the bare skin. If the man is balding, hair can also be taken from the chest.

"Once implanted into the face," IBT Times writes, "the beard takes root. While the hair falls out, the root stays and begins to grow new hair after a few months."

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