14/05/2014 04:50 BST | Updated 14/05/2014 04:59 BST

Lauren Goodger's ‘Belfie' Bum Photo Reportedly Stolen From US Model Carmen Ortega

Lauren Goodger got everyone talking when she posted a saucy photo of her bum on Instagram last week before deleting it hours after, however according to model Carmen Ortega, the former ‘TOWIE’ star stole the pic from her and pretended it was herself.

When Lauren posted the snap with the caption “naughty housewife”, most Instagram users assumed the snap was a photo of her, however a handful of eagle-eyed fans realised it was actually incredibly similar to one of Carmen’s uploads.

Lauren's snap (left) is also lighter than the one Carmen posted hours before

The model has now addressed the situation, telling the Sun that she is considering legal action if Lauren refuses to make a public apology.

“We’ve never even met and now this could end up in court,” she told the paper. “I am speaking with my attorney. I have already offered her the chance to publicly apologise, but she won’t.

“I feel violated. I honestly feel sad that she would be so desperate to do such a thing.”

Interestingly, it appears as though the snap Lauren uploaded was altered to make the person’s waist appear wider.

Lauren and Carmen

The curtains in the snap on Lauren’s photo seem to move out an odd angle, suggesting some dodgy photoshopping may have taken place.

“I work really hard on my body and looks, and my modelling career is on the rise because of my hard work,” Carmen added. “For someone to steal, alter and imposter is absolutely not OK.

“Obviously she has been stalking my profile and is obsessed with mine. Sadly for her, it backfired.”

It’s not been a very good month for Lauren as just last week she faced public criticism from her ex Mark Wright, who tweeted her, writing: “Please leave me out of your public conversations, stop embarrassing yourself. Start having some respect and MOVE ON.”

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