14/05/2014 08:42 BST | Updated 14/05/2014 08:59 BST

Michael Abberton: As Ukip Make Repeated Appeals To Police, The BNP Tell Them To 'Toughen Up'

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Demonstrators from various organisations travelled from all over the country to protest against UKIP leader, Nigel Farage at the UKIP rally for the European elections, held in Edinburghs' Corn Exchange venue. Friday, 9th May 2014.

Ukip need to "toughen up", the British National Party (BNP) have said in the wake of the party's repeated appeals to police.

The BNP laughed off Ukip's pleas to officers to arrest demonstrators for a hate crime if they call their supporters "fascists."

Three of Ukip's European election candidates asked Sussex Police to arrest "any protestors who call our supporters 'fascists', hurl other abuse or any physical assault, for 'hate crime' or under the Public Order Act" at a Hove meeting on Tuesday night.

But Steve Squire, the BNP London spokesman, told the Huffington Post UK that Nigel Farage and his followers need to get used to the idea of being attacked over their policies.

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Remarking on Farage's decision to get bodyguards because of the threat of violence from anti-fascist organisations, Mr Squire said: "The first little bit of roughing up he gets, he cries like a big girl.

"Farage is happy to join in with the BNP bashing, calling us derogatory terms, but then he complains about the treatment of UKIP."

Mr Squire added that he did not agree with the party's decision to complain to police after a blogger criticised the Eurosceptic party’s policies in a tongue-in-cheek poster.

Green party member Michael Abberton received a visit from two officers after tweeting a "fact-check" of 10 Ukip election promises.

"They don't know any better," Mr Squire said. "They're not used to having to stand up and rough it with people who do this kind of stuff. That's politics."

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