Killer Clown Wielding A Hammer: DM Pranks Scares The Crap Out Of Everyone (VIDEO)


If you find clowns terrifying, you’ll probably need a change of underpants after watching this.

Looking like the bastard love child of Ronald McDonald and Stephen King’s IT, this guy doesn’t just sit there looking creepy.

No sir, he’s on the rampage with a giant hammer and inspires such fear one of his own targets pulls out a knife to protect himself. (This could have gone so, so badly wrong…)

Yeah so never go into an underground car park by yourself again

The prank is the work of Italian comedy group DMPranksProductions and the clip has been watched close to 4.5million times since it was posted to YouTube on 11 May.

For the prank, the crew equipped themselves with more than 30 litres of fake blood and spent more than 20 hours simply waiting for victims. (Now that alone is spine-chilling in itself.)

In a note posted with the video, the group writes: “The guy at the Metro tunnel ran so fast none of us were able to catch him to reveal the prank. Legend says he’s still running.”

And he's off...

By the way, the scientific name for a fear of clowns is coulrophobia, with the prefix "coulro" deriving from the ancient Greek word for "one who goes on stilts.

The phobia can cause a state of panic, difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea and feelings of fear.

Makes perfect sense.

Creepy Clowns

Creepy Clowns

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