Swarm Of Bees 'Attacks' Topshop In London

People were swarming around a Topshop in London on Friday - but it was for all the wrong reasons.

They were trying to risk a look at a swarm of bees which had somehow decided to make a new hive at the branch in London's Victoria Street.

A woman runs away from a swarm of bee outside Topshop.

Commuters were forced to duck for cover as the insects caused chaos and Lara Buckle told the Evening Standard: "You couldn’t even see the sky they were that many.

“At first people were just walking through it, it looked like dust particles and then all of a sudden people started panicking, hitting themselves, trying to get them off.”

The swarm of 5,000-strong honeybees that were attracted to a discount sign on the window of Topshop in Victoria Street.

Shops closed temporarily while the swarm, which appeared to have gathered around a green heart sign advertising a seasonal offer sale, was dealt with.

Bees in Victoria Street

Bees Swarm Around Topshop sale