Devil Child Prank Targets Good Samaritans In Brazil (VIDEO)

Good samaritans who went to comfort a young girl who had her head in her hands, crying, were severely punished for their good deed.

As soon as they got close enough, the girl looked up to reveal this.

We suspect the good samaritans regretted approaching the girl at this point

The young girl with long brown hair and a white dress sat alone near the side of a road at night and appeared to cry, all while hiding what she looked like.

As the people walk by they notice her and decide to see if she's OK.

Just as they get close to put their hands on her to see if she is OK, she looks up - presenting her boodied face and clothes and crooked teeth - and then chases them down the street.

The prank was staged by Brazilian TV Station Canal Boom.

So far, the video has received nearly 2.5 million views in less than two weeks.

The video shows several people and couples fall victim to the prank. Alarmingly, it doesn't show the girl actually stopping to chase anyone at some point., though we assume she eventually did.