Tally The Husky Was Raised By Cats So Thinks She Is One

Meet Tally, The Husky Who Thinks She's A Cat

Say hello to Tally. As you may have noticed, Tally is a dog. A rather beautiful husky to be precise.

The thing is though no one seems to have told her. According to her owner, Tally thinks was raised as a cat and as such thinks she is one.

She likes boxes... just like a cat.

She likes to spend her days staring out the window... just like a cat

She even sits like a cat.

She's fond of hide and seek... like a, well maybe not too much like a cat.

And she's talented...

All photos are supplied by imgur uploader xlinnea. Surely you crave more photos of Tally in action as a cat. Check out her whole story, here.

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