Vatican Votes To Ban Killer Robots, So Lets All Head There When The Uprising Starts

Vatican Votes To Outlaw Killer Robots

It's a question you've probably asked yourself many times: If the robots do take over where's the safest place to hide?

Turns out you can do worse than heading to the bastion of Catholicism, the Vatican.

The Pope's home turf is one of only five countries to back a ban on lethal autonomous weapons at the UN last week.

The robot revolution will probably look something like this only with more blood

If trying to reserve the last remnants of humanity in the Sistine Chapel doesn't appeal then you do have some other options.

You could head to Cuba or Ecuador for some equatorial sun, Egypt to lament over civilisations past or Pakistan where more than likely you'll be killed by non-autonomous weapons.

The other 82 countries that attended the summit weren't too sure about the issue, one that is gaining increasing importance as technology advances.

Robots which can identify and kill the enemy on their own do not currently exist. All drones and another remote-controlled devices still require human intervention to confirm the target and operate any on-board weapons.

It is thought that several militaries or companies are theoretically close to being able to build killer robots, but none have. Several - including the British MoD - say are not even attempting it.

But while they do not yet exist, groups have already started campaigning for a ban saying that once developed their use will be inevitable, and damaging.

Russia - generally less squeamish than the West - has gone one step further and has actually announced it will field killer robots to defend missile bases.

The tank-like sentries are equipped with a laser rangefinder and radar sensors and a pretty hefty 12.7-millimetre heavy machine gun.

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