Amateur Cyclist Matt Adams Suffers Most Epic Fall Since Icarus (PICTURES)

Phil O'Connor

It's not unusual for cyclists to give a victory celebration when spotting photographers by the side of the road during an event.

This chap in the London Revolution maybe wished he hadn't. (He's fine, by the way.)

Lycra-clad Matt Adams' simply majestic, slow-motion faceplant on Box Hill has made him into an internet superstar.

Glorious like a Tour de France champion, Adams’s magnificent victory stance was abruptly cut short after he was thrown face-first into a grassy verge.

'Wings cast toward the sun...'

Cyclist Faceplants

Despite being surrounded by cyclists and spectators when he fell, Adams admitted he thought he had “got away with it” until one of the race’s organisers told him the photos would appear on Facebook.

“I laughed quite a lot, I guess nothing ever happens like that so I’ve got my five minutes of fame,” he said. “I have viewed a few of the comments on Facebook and most have been complimentary so I am taking it in the spirit it is intended.

“I was making myself look like a fool. I have no idea what went through my head, just [the feeling of] getting to the top of Box Hill still cycling. I saw the camera and thought I would get a nice photo, and unfortunately it failed.”