Does Ed Miliband Spend Less Than The Average Person On Food? (VIDEO)

Ed Miliband has insisted that he can tackle concerns over the cost of living in Britain as it was suggested that he had under-estimated his family's weekly food shopping bill.

The Labour leader said the cost-of-living crisis was the biggest issue facing the country - and insisted that, in spite of his "relatively comfortably off" position, he was qualified to tackle the problem.

Asked on ITV's Good Morning Britain about the average weekly household grocery bill, Miliband responded: "It depends on how much you are spending."

Pressed on his own family's bill, Miliband said: "We probably spend £70, £80 a week on groceries at least, probably more than that. The point is that different families will have different costs that they face but what I am clear about is that there is a crisis facing so many people."

He was told on the programme that the average weekly bill for a family of four is more than £100 - so he would be spending "significantly more" than £70 to £80.

Miliband responded: "Lots of people are facing a real struggle. I am relatively comfortably off, but what I know is that there are deep issues that need to be tackled and we are determined to tackle them."

He added: "I think this issue of the cost-of-living crisis is the biggest issue that our country faces and I am determined we tackle it. I am absolutely determined we tackle it."

Miliband later admitted that his shopping estimate may have been on the low side, saying he had been thinking of the bill for "basic groceries".

Speaking on BBC Radio Oxford, the Labour leader said: "Well, I said this morning it was on the basic groceries, the basic fruit and vegetables, about £70 or £80 - the total shopping bill was slightly higher than that, obviously.

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