Forget Knuckles, Eyelids And Earlobes, People Are Now Getting Tattoos On Their Teeth


Here's something that may make you rethink all the times you rolled your eyes at grills and gold teeth: tooth tattoos.

Also called 'tatteeth', dentist Steven Landman of Ellington Dental Associates in Connecticut, says that while they are trending now, people have been requesting these for the past ten years.

They are only available to the lucky few who need a dental crown - they can't be done on healthy teeth. The dentist takes an impression of your tooth, the tooth mould is then sent to s special lab where the design is added. These cost can be between £50 to £150.

A client of Dr Landman, Tim Miller, spoke about his reasons for getting one to WFSB, saying: "I thought about tattoos in the past but let's face it, everyone has a tattoo and it's no longer cool or unique. So that's why I went ahead and got the tooth."

Tim got a shamrock, which sometimes gets mistaken for spinach or lettuce.

Stay classy, Connecticut.

(H/T: Jezebel)

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