Man Attacks Children With A Meat Cleaver In Macheng, China (GRAPHIC PICTURES)


A man attacked children at a primary school in China, believed to be aged between six and eight with a meat cleaver, injuring eight of them.

These CCTV images have been released, including one that appears to show the man swinging the cleaver at a child at the school and adults fleeing, carrying injured children.

The attack happened in Macheng in the country's Hubei province.

The Evening Standard reported the man, identified as 35-year-old Chen Zuihang, had been arrested but his motive was still unclear.

Local police said the injured schoolchildren were being treated at a hospital, the paper reported, adding education officials have ordered tighter security at schools in the wake of the attack.

In 2010, the country saw a horrific attack on a playschool, when a man with a meat cleaver killed seven children and two teachers, injuring at least 20 others.

The killer, a 48-year-old went home and committed suicide.

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