Baby Goat Frostie Is Given New Set Of Wheels - And He's Really Happy About It (PICTURES, VIDEO)


A baby snow goat has been given a new set of wheels, allowing the little chap to move around and play – and he’s pretty happy about it. Frostie was left unable to walk after he contracted a disease called joint navel ill soon after he was born, a condition that rendered his rear joints unusable. However, thanks to the cart, Frostie is enjoying his newfound freedom, pulling himself around the grass and waggling his tail.

The cart, which was provided by a non-profit animal rescue sanctuary called Edgar’s Mission in Victoria, Australia, was recently used for piglet Leon Trotsky during his recovery for a crushed pelvis. Trotsky recovered so the workers at the sanctuary, who made the video (at the bottom), handed the device to Frostie.

Photos of Frostie and his new cart, below:

Frostie The Snow Goat Gets A Wheelchair

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