Heart FM Radio Presenter Tom Evans Is Strapped To Childbirth Simulator (VIDEO)

Screaming, Farting, Sweating: Heart FM DJ Tom Evans Experiences The 'Joys' Of Childbirth

There’s something a little satisfying about the fact we can now replicate the birth experience for men.

Hey, there’s no baby at the end of it, but at least the male of the species has an idea of what really goes on in the labour ward.

So it is with great relish we bring you this clip of Heart DJ Tom Heavens “giving birth” live on the breakfast show.

'I'm breaking wind and I can't help it': Tom Evans has a tough time

Resplendent in a hospital gown and sweating profusely, Evans writhes, screams and confesses: “I’m breaking wind and I can’t help it.”

According to the YouTube video posted by Heart, Evans was strapped to a childbirth simulator after losing a challenge at the station.

While Evans's "labour" appeared to last for around a minute, he can pat himself on the back for enduring twice as long as these chaps in China, who were given the chance to experience childbirth - for a paltry 30 seconds.


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