The Week In 50 Funny Tweets: Starring UKip And Other Things... But Mostly Ukip

Yes, it's something of an election special this week. Or rather: something of a Ukip special.

Because Nigel Farage's party didn't just dominate the news cycle over the past seven days - it also dominated Twitter. First with its unintentionally hilarious #UkipCarnival and later with the #WhyImVotingUkip hashtag - which both a) backfired on them and b) trended all day. Yes, if any publicity is good publicity, then it really was Ukip's week. And that was even before the election results started coming in...

So without further ado: here were some of our favourite funny tweets about Ukip, voting and voting for Ukip... with a few other topical funnies thrown in for good measure.

The Week In 50 Funny Tweets