Katie Price's Husband Kieran Hayler: ‘I Tried To Lie About My Affair With Jane Poutney During A Lie Detector Test'

Just one day after revealing the intimate details of his affair with Katie Price’s best friend Jane Poutney, Kieran Hayler has revealed that he tried to lie to his pregnant wife while taking a lie detector test.

Kieran has explained what it was like being put to the test by Katie, likening his experience to being on death row.

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

The stripper and builder told The Sun that he thought he could get away with lying to Katie, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child.

“The guy brought it into the front room and made me sit in the corner.

“There are two wrist straps, a heat sensor under your bum, two chest straps, two sweat monitors and a cuff you have to wear on your fingers.”

Kieran was then asked three questions, which is when machines reading his heart rate and blood pressure, among other bodily signals, revealed that he wasn’t telling the truth about how many times he had kissed Jane and whether he had other sexual contact with her.

“But Kate has a sixth sense and kept saying, ‘I know there is more’.

“After that I couldn’t lie anymore. It was killing me. I went out into the field opposite Kate’s house at 7.30am and lay there for four hours.

“I felt suicidal. I wasn’t thinking straight so I called my therapist from the field. I went back inside the house to the cinema room and admitted everything to Kate.”

Katie and Kieran in happier times

Kieran alleges that Katie then begun throwing objects, including a copy of her autobiography, at him.

“I had her autobiography aimed at my head as well as a large candle.”

The former glamour model announced her plans to divorce Kieran earlier this month, revealing on Twitter that she had discovered his infidelity.

After the split was confirmed through an official statement on Katie’s website, a number of celebs have come out in support of the star, including her ex Alex Reid.

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