China Accuses US Of Hacking Leaders: 'Gross Violation Of Human Rights'

Why Did China Just Accuse The US Of A 'Gross Violation Of Human Rights'?

China has accused the United States of using the internet to spy on its leaders "in complete disregard of moral integrity".

The report - published less than a week after the US charged five Chinese officials with espionage - said the US was guilty of a "gross violation of human rights".

Extracts of the report, published in the Guardian, claimed to show evidence that the US had used online surveillance to keep track of politicians, government institutions and mobile phone users in the country.

Produced by the China Internet Media Research Centre (which is overseen by the state press office), the report said that the US "takes advantage of its political, economic, military and technological hegemony to unscrupulously monitor other countries, including its allies".

It demanded a halt to the program, and said that "the United States' spying operations have gone far beyond the legal rationale of 'anti-terrorism' and have exposed its ugly face of pursuing self-interest in complete disregard of moral integrity".

It added the program: "flagrantly breached international laws, seriously infringed upon the human rights and put global cyber-security under threat. They deserve to be rejected and condemned by the whole world".

But the report itself contains little new actual evidence, and most of its 5,800 words are dedicated to a review of the documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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