30/05/2014 06:28 BST | Updated 30/05/2014 06:59 BST

One Direction Star Louis Tomlinson To Buy Doncaster Rovers Football Club Following Relegation From Champions League?

He’s best known as one-fifth of One Direction, the boyband who’ve taken the world by storm since their debut on ‘The X Factor’, but it sounds like Louis Tomlinson might be trying out a whole new career altogether - as chairman of a football team.

Reports claim that Louis is planning to help out his favourite football team, the Doncaster Rovers, by buying out the club, following their recent relegation from the Championship League.

louis tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

A source close to the popstar tells The Sun: “This is his passion project - and it will happen. He’s putting everything into it because of his love for the side.”

The deal has come at a bit of an unfortunate time for Louis, who has been caught up in scandal this week after a video emerged of him seemingly smoking cannabis with his bandmate Zayn Malik, which has caused a huge controversy within the band's fan community.

It’s now reported that Louis is worried the backlash could cost him the deal, with the source adding: “The timing of the Peru video has really upset him because he doesn’t want anything to jeopardise the deal, which is very commercially sensitive and worth a seven-figure sum.”


Louis on the pitch

Louis, a lifelong Doncaster Rovers fan who even used to work at the team’s stadium as a waiter before finding fame on ‘The X Factor’, joined the Doncaster Reserves team last year on non-contract terms, managing to draw in 2000 fans with his first match as part of the team.

However, he suffered quite an embarrassing incident on the pitch when he vomited in the middle of the game after being tackled.

Let’s hope he can keep his lunch down if he becomes head of the club...

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