03/06/2014 07:24 BST | Updated 03/06/2014 07:59 BST

James Milner Discusses 'Boring Milner' Twitter Account And Sounds Boring

The English press pack based in Miami could have been forgiven for heading to the beach when the Football Association announced James Milner was chosen to chair England's daily press conference at their pre-World Cup training base.

Milner is, of course, boring. He is so boring he is the only teetotal Yorkshireman. He symbolises grit over guile, substance over style and when he talks he could cure an insomniac.

He was, inevitably, asked about the @BoringMilner Twitter account. The parody's gems include Milner realising he had worn a sock inside out all day and telling Gary Cahill, as well as being unable to find a bobble for Martín Demichelis' hair in the dressing room.

Aptly, Milner began to sound like the account.

“We thought we were close," he said about his quest to unmask the man behind the account. "We were going through it at the club. There were a few tweets about Asda so I was asking the masseurs where they shopped. One did say Asda so I thought I was close but it turned out it wasn’t him.”