04/06/2014 04:32 BST | Updated 04/06/2014 04:59 BST

French Women Relieve Stress And Anxiety By Using Colouring Books

pmfd via Getty Images

Previously, we've looked to French women for tips on how to stay slim without dieting and - it goes without saying - their effortless style. Now there's a new area they've turned into a success: de-stressing.

According to The Telegraph, French women - in droves - have taken to using colouring books as a method of calming down, relieving anxiety and reducing stress.

That's not to say they are secretly squirreling away their children's books - ahead of the curve, French publishers are marketing books specifically at adults, replacing pictures of puppies with that of landscape and psychedelic scenes.


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Some even have 'art therapy' and 'stress relief' on the covers.

Facebook groups have been set up in response to this new trend, with women (the gender predominantly taking part in this method) coming together and sharing stories online.

Talking about the benefits, 35-year-old housewife Cynthia Riviere, who runs a Facebook group of more than 1,000 fans, says she spends at least an hour a day colouring.

“I realised that colouring makes my headaches go away. I concentrate, my breathing slows down and I move into a deep calm," she said.

Colouring is seen by some as an active meditation, with the website writing: "Active meditation, in the form of coloring mandalas, is a profoundly enjoyable and effective way to easily achieve relaxation and meditation. It is the easiest method to learn and is especially helpful for people dealing with racing thoughts, stress, and anxiety."

Following the news, Channel4 published a colouring-in pattern online of their news team for people to de-stress.